My Motivators

Fitness Quote of the Month

“The Best Project You’ll Ever Work On Is Y-O-U”

I was searching online for more tips to add to my fitness routine and I came across the quote above. And I agree with it. Doing things to be fit and healthy on a daily basis can be a real challenge, but it CAN be done. Just think of how good you’ll feel knowing you’re taking care of your body. Yup. This is the best project you can work on — Yourself. Start today!

JLo’s Health and Fitness Secrets

Many people look up to celebrities for inspiration when it comes to fitness. For those who are struggling with a physical disorder, getting fit can be an even greater challenge. For a diabetic like me, fitness is one of the most important aspects of life. Having been diagnosed last year with Type 1 Diabetes, my view on health has dramatically changed. One of the people I look up to when it comes to fitness is none other than this celebrity: Jennifer Lopez.

Over the years of her career, JLo has developed her own personal health and fitness regime that has helped her to maintain her million-dollar figure. At the age of 46, JLo is at her personal best physically, mentally, and emotionally. Exercise is one of the main reasons for this, and Jennifer maintains a very strict workout schedule. One of her fitness secrets is working out even when she is having a rough day. JLo says that she always feels revved up and revived after a workout, so she makes sure she pushes herself to the limit.


After working out, Jennifer makes sure she fuels herself with healthy food. One of her secrets to maintaining not only a great body but also great skin is simply hydration. By drinking plenty of water after her workouts, she makes sure her body is replenished and well nourished. After exercising, JLo also says that it is important to have some downtime. She likes to spend her downtime relaxing and spending time with her children. She also makes sure she shares healthy snacks with them.

When it comes to food, Jennifer Lopez gets cravings just like everyone else. In order to beat cravings, JLo eats a good amount of protein. Protein is great for curbing the appetite and maintaining lean muscle mass as well. She also makes sure that when she eats out with family and friends, she goes for the healthiest options on the menu. With so many healthy restaurants on the rise today, it’s no longer close to impossible to eat better and healthier even when dining out.

Lastly, Jennifer believes that it’s important to supplement even the healthiest of diets. In order to get the nutrients she needs everyday, she takes the right kind and right amount of supplements. JLo has actually teamed up with BodyLab to formulate and manufacture her own line of supplements designed specifically for women. She believes that women’s bodies are different from men, and therefore, they should be treated with specialized care as well. All of these add up to Jennifer’s overall health and fitness successes. With a plan this solid, people like Allie need not worry about how to get in the best shape of their lives.